Crazy Doonites: 6 Reasons that Makes people of Dehradun special

Crazy Doonites: 6 Reasons that Makes people of Dehradun special
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People of Dehradun are hella crazy, do you know why? Because, our city is a melting pot of cultures, with denizens living in harmony with each other. We have a vibrant culture, well-stirred with the essence of Himalayan culture and our slang is awesome too. Nobody can deny that!

And that’s what sets us apart from peeps of other towns. So if you are from Dehradun, high-five! Now, check out the 6 reasons that make people of Dehradun special.

1. Oh Stylo, O Stylo, Juice!

Yup, right, we ain’t plain and boring but we are somewhat like lemon rice. And we love fashion. Why? Because most of the crowd in our city consists of young scholars, artists, youth leaders and people, who like dressing up like– there’s no tomorrow.

Also, we love wearing our culture on our sleeves. Like Pahadi topi, galobandh, nathuli, and khadi jackets. That’s our fashion staple.

2. Bhanyankar and Bal, that’s basically B Square:

We admit, we have a cheeky slang and this unites us with our pals. Wanna bond with us, try some of these out, say “Bhayankar” instead of OMG! And add some weight to your commentary by saying, “Bal”.

Want some more, try Dagadiya, which means friend in regional Pahadi language of Uttarakhand. If you ever hear these words in public, then you know you have found someone from Dehradun.

3. Talent in Abundance, Artists Unite!

Undeniably, there’s a lot of talent running in the veins of Doonites. The youth of Dehra is inclined towards art, literature, and culture.

Over the years, the city has produced great singers, musicians, writers, poets, photographers, and RJ’s. Many have managed to turn their passion into a profession, which is a win, win situation. One such example is Raghav Juyal, the king of slow motion.

4. Nature Lovers at Heart, Kind and Compassionate:

Although, we aren’t the best in taking care of nature. Like you can see how Rispana river is dying due to plastic waste and how filthy some parts of the city is. But we are trying our best and finally, Doonites are geared up to make Dehra, green and clean once again.

In the past few years, there has been a surge of environmental friendly schemes and protests. Now, people are understanding the value of nature.

Ban of polythene, for example, proper waste disposal and offering medical aid to stray animals. Pat your back and don’t think twice before doing something, that makes you a responsible citizen. Gratitude for Mother Earth.

5. Patriotism runs in our Blood:

The young lads of Dehradun don’t just deliver speeches about patriotism, but they feel it running in their veins. Since many young guns from Dehra, join the Indian Armed Forces to safeguard their country, against any threat.

It is an honour for the city that ‘IMA’ or the Indian Military Academy, one of the officer training academies of the Indian army, is nestled in Dehradun. Many defence aspirants look at it with great admiration and work hard to don the uniform. So they can selflessly serve the nation. 

6. We are truly Diverse and United by Love:

Doon is like a unicorn island, where people belonging to different walks of life, happily live together. Here you’ll find diversity in its true sense.

Since people from different ethnic backgrounds like– Garhwali, Kumaoni, Nepali, Punjabi, Sindhi, Bengoli, Manipuri, Tibetan and, (others that I have definitely missed) live in harmony with each other. Therefore, peace always prevails in the sublime valley of Dehra. 

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