Dehradun Life: 5 Things you can Relate to if You are from Doon

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Dehradun isn’t just a random city for us, but it is an “emotion”. Doonites can totally agree, how much we crave the air of the Himalayan foothills and are hooked onto it.

The twilight mountain tops of Mussoorie, studded with lights fuel us and elevates our serotonin levels. And the sultry anonymous trails, beckon us to take more lonely walks, in the city’s outer areas.

How can we leave this behind, there’s a constant “dwand” or war that wages within. So, like me, if you too are from our very own Doon valley. Then scroll down to check out the 5 Things you can relate to if you are from Doon.

1. Weather of Doon truly amazes you, Pro Tip- Carry an Umbrella at all Times!

Doon has amazing weather, with winds blowing off your worries and raindrops pelting on the window sill, even during sunny evenings. One cannot help but fall in love with the salubrious weather of this distant valley.

But then, you know Doon’s weather is a little notorious and it can hurl hailstones, bring deluge and bounce back to its real self, pretty quickly. That’s why Doonites carry an umbrella at all times. Because nobody can escape the sudden showers of Doon.

2. Cutting Chai and Momos of KC drive you crazy!

People of Dehra are simple, they enjoy cheap thrills. Therefore, we don’t crave continental food and sparkling cocktails but chai and momos of KC. Why wouldn’t we?

Since the crowd of Doon consists of college lads, who don’t wanna spend their parent’s money, on treating their jaded palates with exotic cuisines. Our kind of evening would be– having chai with momos or Maggi and, watching the crimson sun-stream, running down the verdant valley.

3. When we were Kids, we used to think by doing Parkour we can reach Mussoorie:

I admit! Back in the days of sweet childhood, we used to think, by jumping on the terraces, we can reach the “Queen of Hills”.

Kids from the neighbourhood believed that– people with longs legs can jump and reach Mussoorie in a fraction of seconds. Sigh! to the innocence of early childhood and our colourful imagination.

Mussoorie, 5 Things you can relate to if you are from Doon

Mountains layering at Mussoorie, what a bliss!

4. Before Myntra and Jabong, there were street markets of Doon:

Now your favourite brands and fashion are a click away from you. But before this, there was an era ruled by street markets of Doon like Tibetan market, Indira market, and our very own Paltan. Where scores of people used to jostle at their favourite stores, to get their hands on the latest fashion available.

Then there were showrooms of Rajpur, which were on the costlier side but thrived well amongst the youth. Although, online shopping stores have made our access easy to fashion.

But it hasn’t caused much harm to the local markets of Doon. Until then enjoy the perk of donning your favourite outfit, without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. When your parents talk about higher studies, most probably they are talking about DAV:

I need to emphasise on this a little. Unlike others, I too am an ex-estudante of the infamous DAV (PG) College, which makes you toil and the struggle is real.

Back in school days, when our parents used to initiate a serious discussion about higher studies and college education.

They were most probably referring to DAV. Because they studied there and their parents studied there and their grandparents studied there as well. Also, it was cheap as hell. A decade ago, the annual fee of DAV (P.G) was Rs 1600 and till date it is minimal.

DAV College, 5 Things you can relate to if you are from Doon

Source This epic building, needs no description!

A message for fellow Dav’ians:

If you too are studying in DAV; high-five. You will have to work a little harder than others and will probably see a roller coaster of emotions, as you hit your mid-20s.

Studying at DAV will make you realise how important education is. Also, how much you can self-learn and absorb from whatever resources, you have in hand.

Remember there are no good colleges and good students. But there are great learners and seekers. Aspire to be that and see how much open your mind will be to new information, ideas, plans, and people.

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