Doon Life: 6 Things You Miss When You Don’t Live in Dehradun

Doon Life: 6 Things You Miss When You Don't Live in Dehradun
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Dehradun as many people call it is really a “City of Love”. There is something about its land and soil that gives you a sweet smell of life, as you enter in Dehradun. A few people come with the destiny to be born and raised in the “City of Love”.

But it does not stop you from coming here and experiencing the air of Doon valley, with the warm hospitality of its people. As an outsider, I often get the opportunity to breathe in the valley.

This makes me the perfect guy to mention the things you would miss when you leave the city and get back to your corporate life. Here are a few things that I miss the most about Dehradun, after leaving the city:

1. Those Frequent Bike Rides to Mussoorie:

Mussoorie “The Queen of Hills” is just about an hour away from Dehradun. Although life in Dehradun is quite enjoyable. But being a big city it has its own pros and cons. I’ve noticed that the traffic and rush in the streets of Dehradun have increased significantly, from the last 10 years.

So the moment you feel overwhelmed by this, you got a couple of great hill station just an hour away or two. Such as Mussoorie, Chakrata, Chamba (Uttarakhand), Dhanaulti, and a few more.

I feel the journey to these places is more blissful than just waiting for the destination to come. I miss that spiral, full of lush greenery hilly road to Mussoorie.

2. Uncertain Weather:

Do you like surprises? I love surprises. In Doon valley, not just the people but mother nature gives you a lot of surprises. Unpredictable weather is one of them. Imagine the sun is shining in the morning and its raining like crazy in the noon or vice versa.

You would love those surprising rain showers during Mussoorie ride. These are the things that make a trip great, otherwise, it’s just going there and coming back.

3. Mouthwatering Street Food:

The large fancy food chains such as Mcdonalds, Domino’s or Pizza Hut are the same everywhere. It’s the street food and local cuisine, that makes the place special and worth remembering.

Well, street food vendors in Dehradun really know how to make fire Momos. They are surprisingly good. Many Tibetans and Nepalese people make lip-smacking fast food such as Momos, Chowmein, and Soups.

4. Congested but Affordable Vikram Rides:

Vikram is like the bigger and blue coloured version of Auto-Rickshaws. Although every guy or girl has a scooty or bike in Dehradun. But if you don’t, you can use one of the Vikrams. I personally find them cool. Every Vikram has a number going to a certain place.

Though they are a little congested and one has to adjust. But then, they are quite affordable. For example, I remember going from Survey Chowk to ISBT in a Vikram and it only cost me 10 bucks. This makes it one of the coolest and cheapest ways to travel inside the city.

5. Humble and Well Behaved People:

In Delhi or Noida, ask a guy for direction, there are 50 percent chances that he would blow you off by saying “Pata ni bhai, aage puch lo.” I don’t blame the guy, people are usually very busy and become self centered and ignorant. I am also a victim of this.

But in Dehradun ask a guy for direction and he would walk with you for 20 meters. And explain every coming bend or chowk and eventually confirm “Chale jaoge na bhai?” 

This is such a nice and heart-touching gesture that makes you say “Aajao bhai tum bhi aajao, khana khaenge sath mein.” People in Dehradun are well mannered and equally fun loving and crazy.

6. Local Attractions:

Dehradun has many local tourist attractions, that one would definitely miss after leaving the city. To name a few:

  • Sahastradhara: A picnic spot known for its pristine water springs.
  • Robber’s Cave: It is a natural large cave with water flowing inside it.
  • Lachhiwala or Nature Park: Popular for man-made water pools in the forest.
  • Buddha Temple: It is one of the biggest Buddhist centres in India.
  • Forest Research Institute: It is popular for its marvellous architecture.
  • Malsi Deer Park: A perfect place for a day out.
  • Shiv Mandir: A peaceful and divine Hindu temple.
  • Tapkeshwar Temple: A beautiful and peaceful temple to seek spirituality.
  • Tibetan Market: A great place for shopping.
  • Paltan Bazaar: A local market to shop or hangout.
  • Rajpur Road: It is full of fancy showrooms and restaurants serving delicious cuisines.
  • Assan Barrage: It is a home to Migratory Birds, which makes it a birdwatcher’s paradise.
  • MDDA Park: A lush green park to hangout.

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